Three-Dimensional Gender Space

19 Jan

Based on modern research into the multi-disciplinary field of gender theory, such as that which is iterated in the book The Lenses of Gender by Sandra Lipsitz Bem, gender and sexual identity are not boolean conditions (e.g. male vs. female) but are a continuum along at least three separate dimensions: biological sex, perceived gender, and sexual preference.

The cartesian three-dimensional graph below is a way to analyze this basic concept space of sexual identity within the visual cortex as its own parallel contemplative three-dimensional universe which we can structurally overlay onto our own experience.  This exercise is a prelude to liberation of the psyche along vectors conducive to the practice of enlightened Sex Magick. The circles in the graph do not denote the only two possibilities along each axis but instead are areas of statistical aggregation along a continuum of possibilities, which seems to be the case in the real world.

3D Gender Space

Real life is of course more complicated.  For example, the grid suggests a statistical symmetry that is almost certainly not the case in nature. Furthermore, the axis, existing between two statistical poles of “homo-” or “same” at one end and “hetero-” or “different” at the other, is mutable and its meaning and even relevance is bound to the axis of perceived gender: i.e. when the perceived gender on the z axis wanders from the statistical endpoints of male and female into the “non-binary” or “gender-fluid” continuum between those extremes, words like “same” and “different” change meaning.

For all its shortcomings, this offering to fellow psychonauts should serve as a workable basic launching point to begin to liberate yourselves from the flatlander ignorance which is currently drowning human culture.

From an esoteric point of view, this contemplative molecule has all of the properties of a fundamental unit of the so-called flower of life, which geometrically speaking involves two major ideas: firstly, it is comprised of simple two dimensional shapes (circles) that combine on a plane according to euclidean geometry in such a way that they encode three-dimensional information within that plane in the form of an orthogonal projection. Secondly, each molecule comprising the flower of life can only be defined in connection to the molecules that surround it – its definition can only be realized based on its connection to the whole. When removed from the whole, it loses its identity and returns to being a simple circle. The flower of life has been revered as a mystical geometrical pattern since time immemorial.

Flower of Life

In the poetic language of magick, this meditation can be summarized as follows: when humankind abandons its obsession with ostracizing and murdering members of its species whose genitals and psyche do not match the culturally sanctioned shapes they are accustomed to, we can begin fitting together as we should, as molecules comprising advanced, epiphenomenal life forms which live and breathe and have their being in higher consciousness space.