666: The Zen of Darkness; The Sword of the Ecstasy of Execration

27 Oct

Subsequent to the publishing of my newest grimoire “The Explicit Name of Lucifer” and its presentation of the system of Luciferal gematria which emerges from the angels of Lucifer treated therein, here’s a quick meditation on the Luciferal current 666 and some words that correspond to it.

Luciferal Correspondences for Current 666

  • [zen] (Japanese): : zen
  • [yami] (Japanese): : darkness
  • [papa] (Latin): pope; father
  • [urrej] (Albanian): abhor, detest, execrate
  • [rus] (Danish): ecstasy, intoxication
  • [jurer] (French): to make an oath
  • [şûr] (Kurdish): sword

Yet another example of the power of Luciferal gematria to divine and establish new left-hand-path currents and bring new life, color and dimensions to existing occult doctrines.

Hail Satan,