Spiritual Alchemy

14 Jul

“Each of us has a multi-personality. We consist of a ladder or hierarchy of selves, and upper members of that hierarchy can be called upon at will.” – Colin Wilson, from “The Mysteries”

My books are in part predicated on the idea of spiritual alchemy. By spiritual alchemy I mean, the alchemy of concepts or memes as living atoms or signifiers, ritually imposed with sentience and handled as ceremonial theurgic or goetic entities. These self-aware concept essences combine using a formulation of semiotic calculus whose relationships follow specific rules constructed hierarchically in dialectical hyperspace within the paradigm of deliberately imposed structural determinism.

By “structural determinism” i refer to the conceptual model whereby the “langue” or rules of language form a dynamical system that determines the “parole” or speech assembled from the rules of the langue, to use (steal) Saussere’s terminology. Structural determinism is in contrast to social determinism, where the langue (grammar) is an emergent phenomenon of successive reiterations of parole (speech) – the set of governing dynamics which is extracted therefrom and evolves over time.

My grimoires are structurally deterministic in that they provide the magician with a set of pre-existing tools, frozen in a timeless logical configuration space, which she may use to voluntarily weave new fabric into reality as a kind of speech assembled from these semiotic units.

These thought viruses may be further combined in compound units of higher and higher complexity, into genetic codes according to the principles of Jacob’s Ladder. The doctrine of Jacob’s ladder posits awareness as a network of hierarchical leaps towards both greater abstraction on one hand, and towards pure, concrete, undifferentiated experience on the other.

These consecutive leaps upwards towards a totality of awareness are also considered to be heterarchical and looped, which is a process considered by some thinkers in the field of cognitive philosophy to be the formative basis of consciousness.

When framed within the context of traditional mystical symbology, this idea yields the image of the Ourobouros, the gateway of ambivalence created by curving the conflict between monism and dualism in on itself into a feedback loop that – through successive iterations – forms a doorway into dialectical hyperspace which pierces the membrane between the imagination and physical manifestation.

The ouroboros or gateway of divine ambivalence
The ouroboros or gateway of divine ambivalence

When considered rationally within the paradigms of natural science and philosophy, this results in discussions like the book I Am A Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter.

Consciousness as a looped heterarchy
Consciousness as a looped heterarchy

Therefore, spiritual alchemy is the term I have chosen for the form of post-structuralist semiotic calculus that I present in my grimoires. The function and aim of such spiritual alchemy is the deliberate, systematic evolution of human consciousness. The paradigm from which this is effected is that of the Atman as Brahman, that is to say, the idea that absolute Self is in fact the entire universe beholding itself subjectively. This universe may be dialectically extended through perterbations in this self-reflective totality using, among other occult instruments, the principles put forth in my grimoires.

In traditional Kabbalah this type of mechanism of personal transformation or “ascension towards the absolute” falls into the general symbolic idea of the shower of sparks of Binah pushing towards the incomprehensible singularity of Chokmah.  It can be classified as a language of disappearance or apophasis, and it falls within the purvue of the ABRAHADABRA or word that creates by destroying, whose mysteries I touch upon in the grimoire Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis.