Current 111: The Path of Mystical Agnosis

29 Jan


Quantum Bayesianism is a novel mathematical theory that attempts to analyze the probabilistic wavefunctions of quantum mechanics as Bayesian permutations of human ignorance.  Whether it turns out to be true or not, its underlying hypothesis underscores what we already know to be true:  uncertainty lies at the heart of nature.

The herd of cats which is the modern occult movement is currently enamored with chasing the red laser pointer dot of “gnosis”, Gnosticism, and neo-Gnostic syncretisms within esotericism. I am no exception; however, I continue to beat the drum of something which I informally refer to as mystical agnosis.

It is to my taste closer to actual human experience and is more conducive to balanced character. It places a premium on the significance of darkness, not light, in the human psyche, treating it not as a disease to be cured by knowledge but as a fundamental property of consciousness to be exploited and embraced, in some ways parlayed into knowledge but never fully transcended, not even in moments of complete enlightenment.

Neither Zeus, Ra, Yahweh, Jesus, Zoroaster, Kali or Shiva, Odin, not even the Buddha himself collapsed every wavefunction in the universe.  Measurement – knowledge – collapses wavefunctions.  Because we have experimentally shown that uncollapsed wavefunctions exist at the quantum level, we know that if there is a God or gods he or she or they must be at least partially blind.  Quantum physics rules out the possibility of omniscience for any conscious being, whether mortal or divine.  Ignorance, then, permeates the cosmos from end to end, and uncertainty is not only inescapable but a fundamental property of reality.

Agnosis – unknowing – connects us all, and is immediate and tangible. As such, it is a more practical springboard towards mystical advancement than the elitist promises of supernatural second sight hawked by most Gnostic schools. By effacing the hidden assumption, built into the Abrahamic mindset upon which Occidental civilization is built, that there is some Final Truth, Absolute Knowledge, Divine Logos, or Deus Ex Machina which exists in the Higher Heavens of some Ultimate Reality, one’s mind is liberated to explore the world as it really is: our universe moves and has its being in proportions of vastly more darkness than light. Knowledge, and even the apparatuses of how knowledge itself is formulated (scientific practices) are often, if not always, incomplete, subjective, inexclusive, and ephemeral.

Entrée to the worlds of esoteric consciousness through the gateway of Unknowing lends to a more modest, humble demeanor, de-emphasizes the importance of rote dogma, mitigates the need to adopt airs of certitude and posturing, and is less likely to produce arrogant know-it-all high-pontiff types who blow hot air, adorn each other with big funny hats and think their shit doesn’t stink, which is a well-documented tendency of Gnosticism in its various forms throughout its history continuing to the present moment.

“Because you have declared ‘I can see’, you have by your own words plucked out your eyes and rendered yourselves blind.” cf. John 9:41


The path of the witch, lunar in energy, towards mastery through the art of mystical agnosis or unknowing.  The alchemical molecule of confusion and unknowing – current 111 – is compounded into successive levels of becoming, through its intermingling with the nine supreme numbers of occidental mysticism (the integers 1-9), until the witch reaches mastery, not through the prideful boast of presuming to know secret elite knowledge of an invisible and unprovable universe of supernatural divine gnosis, but through its opposite–the modest resignation of unknowing.   It is very important to note, however, that the path of mystical agnosis is not anti-gnostic.  It is in fact gnostic, as counter-intuitive as that seems.  The un-knower also reaches for knowledge, only with the modest resignation to the fact that darkness, or unknowing, is a fundamental property of consciousness, as well as the universe, and can never be totally banished, nor should it.

One notable attribute of the number 111 is that is the sum of each row and column of the Devil’s Square, the kamea of the Sun whose total is 666, the number of the Beast of Revelation which represents personal attainment of integrated magical consciousness.

Kamea of the Sun, whose rows and columns each total 111, from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy
Kamea of the Sun, whose rows and columns each total 111, from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy

These currents are derived through poetic resonances, using Hebrew, Greek and English gematrias.  They provide an alternate framework of pathworking free from the manipulations and egotism and promises of secret knowledge rampant in much of the current Gnosticism movement.  One does not have to know to become, and chaos and confusion is part of the perfection of the process of occult ascendance.  Ironically this path takes place along the nine Gnostic heavens, signifying that the stranger and the outsider are both welcome on the path of the Tarot towards illumination and mastery of the experiential universe.

Snakes and Ladders, Acrylic on Canvas by Todd Wesley Emmert
Snakes and Ladders, Acrylic on Canvas by Todd Wesley Emmert

The Path


Current 111 – Gloom, Obfuscation, Unknowing

  • [מסוה] masseveh – veil
  • [אפל] ephal – gloom
  • [אנס] anas – to constrain, symbolizing the limitation of imperfect knowledge
  • [סכלא] sakla – stupid or foolish

Current 111 also denotes death and rebirth, signifying initiation, and foretells its own importance in the path of mystical agnosis.

  • [קטב] destruction
  • [יציא] yetzya – coming forth, indicating rebirth
  • [פלא] phela – wonder or marvel, denoting the promise of rebirth into something greater
  • [ἐννέα] ennea – nine, foreshadowing the role of current 111 in assembling the nine steps of mystical agnosis

The following correspondences also place this current on the Left Hand Path:

  • [ܒܥܠܕܒܒܐ] (Syiac):  Baal-dibba – Beelzebub.  The word means accuser, enemy, or adversary and typifies Satan in addition to being the Syriac word for the infamous Fly God of medieval ceremonial magick.
  • [ܩܐܛܐ] (Syriac):  Qataa — Leviathan, the dragon of the sea who gives birth to all other dragons, also a Satanic archetype.
  • [סנא] (Aramaic):  sinna – to hate

Current 222 – Strategic advancement of the reverential adversary

  • [יריב] yerikh – contender, opponent, adversary
  • [ברך] barack – to bless, kneel in reverence
  • [בכר] beker – young camel, dromedary, a Mesopotamian symbol of movement and action
  • [רכב] rakab – Hebrew anagram of beker, a team, chariot, chariot riders, typical of movement and advancement

Current 333 – The mysteries of femininity

  • [שגל] shegal – consort, queen
  • [חשכה] hashekeh – darkness, obscure – mysterious
  • [חורונזון] Choronzon – the devouring hollow abyss typical of the womb of female sexual desire
  • [παιδίσκη] paidiske – a maiden or damsel

Current 444 – The Temple of Elemental Predation

  • [מקדש] maqedesh – temple
  • [μύγα] mega – fly, the insect; housefly – aerial predation
  • [חתול] hethul – Cat – earthly predation
  • [צפרדע] tsepheredaa – frog – watery predation
  • [Baasmu] Vipers, one of the 11 babylonian monsters birthed by Tiamat – fiery predation
  • ἄνθρωπος Anthropos – mankind, the spiritual predator (strong’s number G444)

Current 555 – The Grace of the Moon; Hope in the Host of Heaven

  • [שהרן] Shaharon – moon
  • [מטר מטאורים] Meter metaorim – A meteor shower
  • [προσδοκία] prosdokia – expectation
  • [ἐπιθυμία] epithemia – yearning, longing, desire, craving

Current 666 –profit, business, success, commerce, reproduction, Occult Treasure

  • [ἀπόδρασις] apodrasis –  escape, evasion
  • [παράδοσις] paradosis – giving up, giving over the act of giving up
  • [ομιλητής] homiletes – teacher, lecturer, utterer, speaker, incanter
  • [εὐπορία] euporia – riches, means, wealth
  • [πεντακίς] pentakis – five times (e.g. pentagram)
  • [μαργαριτάρι] margaritari – pearl
  • [נהירתא] nehiritha –  bright, clear
  • [יתרון] yetaron – advantage, profit, excellency
  • [סתור] Sethur – “hidden”; Sethur, spy into the mysteries of the left hand path
  • [business] of, or pertaining to commerce and governance
  • [consanguineal] related by or to blood
  • [godward] toward God
  • [womblike] Resembling a womb or uterus in shape or function
  • [crescent moon]  The Moon as it appears in its first or last quarter
  • [enwombed] {{archaic}} Pregnant.

Current 777 – churches, assemblies, congregations, Communion, spiritual liberation, Cooperation

  • [ܟܢܘܫܬܐ] (Syriac): khanoushetha – house of worship; temple, synagogue, church, congregation, assembly, community
  • [θρυλικής] threnikes – legendary, mythological
  • [Λιβερτῖνος] libertinos – one who has been liberated from slavery

Current 888 – Liberation from the past, expulsion of toxin and purification

  • [Ἰησοῦς] Jesus, the Christian savior of mankind and redeemer, symbolic of rebirth
  • [פחתת] phehathath – a hole eaten away at a leprous garment
  • [ἐκβάλλω] ekballo – to cast out or expel, as the content of one’s bowels into a latrine

Current 999 – Attainment of mastery through force of will

  • [ἀνάβλεψις] anablepsis – recovery of sight
  • [περιάγω] periago – to lead
  • [αγιογδύτης] agiogdetes – thief of sacred objects